The following is a list of presentations available for conferences, or professional development, suitable for helping professionals and parents.

Substance Dependency and Substances:

In this presentation, professionals will learn about how to assess for substance dependency, and how to gather substance use information through a collaborative and client centered approach. Various substance use tools will be discussed that can aid in gathering information on current patterns, current risks and types of substances being used. This presentation will also discuss various substances, current drug trends; the impact on the brain and body, including cognitive impairments; and physical symptoms.

What is a Concurrent Disorder and how to work with concurrent disordered clients:

In this presentation, professionals will learn how to assess for a concurrent disorder using a variety of tools, learn the right questions to ask, develop skills on how to engage with this challenging clientele, a brief overview of Motivational Interviewing, how to do a comprehensive drug chart, common substances used and how they impact mental health and physical health. Professionals will also learn how mental health, daily stressors and struggles impact substance use.

Gaming/Internet addiction:

In this presentation, parents and professionals will learn how to assess for problematic use, strategies to manage issues at home and school, learn how the gaming industry creates games that have addictive qualities, and come to appreciate that the problem can be complex and simply not just an impulse control issue. In addition, they will learn that this type of problem can be linked to low self esteem, social anxiety, bullying, mental health and social cognition issues.

Parenting an Anxious Adolescent:

In this presentation, parents will learn about anxiety, what it is, how it works on the body, and what triggers it. Parents will also learn how to manage the issue at home whether it is related to Obsessive Compulsive behaviours, Social anxiety, Performance anxiety, and Generalized Anxiety. Parents will also learn useful skills to help their loved ones and be provided with a list of resources that can provide additional support.

Parenting a Depressed Adolescent:

In this presentation, parents will learn about depression, what it is, how it works on the body, the cycles, mood swings and irritability that are characteristic of this condition. Parents will learn how to support their loved one, and be given information and tools that can be helpful in managing the condition for both their child and themselves.

Presentations  for professionals and parents

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